The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of a Printer Cartridge Refill.

Printer cartridge refill

Looking for a good printer cartridge refill that will provide excellent printing quality and go easy on your wallet?

Well you're in the right place! This post will show you the good, the bad and the ugly of printer cartridge refills _ basically what's good about a printer cartridge refill and what to steer clear of at all costs!

The Good...

When you're looking for a printer cartridge refill you definitely need to consider your printer type. Most office and commercial printers use laser printers that run on toner cartridges. These are very different from most household printers that use inkjet printers.' Inkjet printers run on liquid ink cartridges that come in both black ink cartridges and in colored ink cartridges. We DO NOT recommend toner refills but you can definitely get an inkjet printer cartridge refill done at a reputable ink re-filler. Inkjet cartridges are made of plastics and each time you refill your cartridge instead of purchasing a new one, you're significantly reducing landfill waste AND you're saving money as they are a fraction of the cost of brand new original cartridges.

The Bad...

What's wrong with a printer cartridge refill? Well basically if you don't get your inkjet printer cartridge refilled at a proper re-filler these can lead to several issues. Ink quality is essential and being a liquid, ink has different consistencies. If a cheaper ink is used this can lead to ink leaks and clogging of the print head.  This can cause irrevocable damage to your expensive printer so although there is nothing really wrong with a printer cartridge refill, we can't stress how important it is to find a reputable trusted dealer for all your inkjet printer cartridge refills.


Here's where things start to get messy. Since refilled printer cartridges are so much cheaper than buying original cartridges many people only consider price when shopping for cartridges. There are actual kits available to do a printer cartridge refill but you have to realize that these are messy and quite a painstaking task to do yourself. The biggest problems we've seen are when people or businesses try refilling laser toner cartridges to save money. This can get really ugly. Toner refilling companies also known as drill and fill operations, simply replace the toner during the refill process without actually changing any of the components that are prone to wear and tear. Although cheap, refilled toner cartridges have an almost 40% failure rate and are just NOT worth it.

Most reliable printer vendors offer printer cartridge refill jobs. They also take bulk orders and offer delivery. At  Ink-Jet and laser toners each inkjet printer cartridge refill at any one of our 40+ stores comes with a 100% guarantee. Refills are available for most leading printer cartridge brands, such as Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, Brother, Samsung, Epson, Canon and more. Visit a store near you today!

Where and How to Buy Cheap Ink

printer ink and laser toner can be a tricky place to shop. Third-party cartridges cost less than the manufacturers' brands--which is why people buy them. But it can be a lot harder to tell whether a third-party vendor sells high-quality ink products.


One time-tested method is to shop at an established retailer (online or brick-and-mortar) that guarantees the quality of its products. Obvious examples include office supply chains such as Crazy Inkjets, Cartridge World, Office Depot, Office Max, and crazyinkjets, all of which carry third-party ink cartridges.

But finding third-party ink for your specific printer model can be a challenge, particularly if your unit is very new, very old, or not very popular. Before driving around town to find the right cartridge, do a little homework online. At today's insane gas prices, you could end up spending $20 on fuel just to save $10 on an ink cartridge.


Like the online arms of other major retailers, has an Ink & Toner Finder. Click the link for to find a decent assortment of third-party supplies for Brother, Canon, and Lexmark printers. If you find compatible ink, you can buy it online or check with your local outlet to see whether it has the product in stock.


If you're dealing with a vendor that you haven't used before, ask questions. A reputable online ink retailer will provide names and contact information for the ink manufacturers that it buys its supplies from.


When shopping for remanufactured cartridges, ask the third-party supplier how thoroughly it inspects used cartridges before refilling them. "Do they look for cracks? Do they test the electrical characteristics of the cartridge? A cartridge can look fine but have a broken electrical component, and then it won't work," says Tricia Judge of the International Imaging Technology Council. The vendor should also test the cartridge after the refill, Judge adds.