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Printer Ink and Toner Cartridges 4 Less

High Quality Ink & Laser Toner Cartridges is an environmentally active, nationwide supplier of premium compatible inkjet cartridges, laser toners and fax ribbons. To ensure the highest quality standards, products both, new compatible and professionally remanufactured cartridges are ISO-9001 and/or STMC qualified. These products are guaranteed to meet or exceed the quality, reliability and yield standards of the original equipment manufacturer. The cartridges are tested to ensure compliance with original specifications and performance www.criteria and offer a sound and economical alternative to the expensive brand-name products.Quality products, quality service and quality relationships - With these guiding values, Crazy Inkjets continues to be the partner of choice for customers who expect nothing but the best Quality.

With us we have 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: on all of our Remanufactured and Premium Compatible toner cartridges. You don't see customer services anymore however, with us we make sure you are satisfied every step of the way, every purchase you make.

Brother Drum Unit DR350  Laser Toner  Drum Unit
Brother Laser Toner TN350 Laser Toner  Cartridge
Brother Laser Toner TN360 Laser Toner  Cartridge
Brother Laser Toner TN450 Laser Toner  Cartridge
Brother Laser Toner TN650 Laser Toner  Cartridge
Brother TN750 Laser Toner  Cartridge
Brother LC51 Ink Cartridge
Brother LC61 Ink Cartridge
Brother LC75 Ink Cartridge
Brother LC79 Ink Cartridge
Canon A30 Toner Toner Cartridge
Canon PGI220 / CLI221Inkjet Cartridge
Canon PGI5 / CLI8Inkjet Cartridge
Canon PGI225 / CLI226Inkjet Cartridge
Dell 7Y743 Inkjet Cartridge
Dell 1320c Laser Toner Cartridge
HP Inkjet 60XL Black Inkjet Cartridge
HP Inkjet 61XL Tri-Color Inkjet Cartridge
Brother MFC-8810DW Laser Toner Cartridge

HP LaserJet CE505a Laser Toner Cartridge
HP LaserJet 125A Laser Toner Cartridge
Canon 128 Laser Toner Cartridge
Lexmark 12A1970 Laser Toner Cartridge
Samsung MLT-D101L Laser Toner Cartridge
Samsung MLT-D104S Laser Toner Cartridge
Samsung MLT-D105L Laser Toner Cartridge

Lexmark Vizix (#100XL) XL Ink Cartridge

Lexmark Vizix (#150XL)XL Ink Cartridge

HP Q5952A (HP 643A) Yellow Laser Toner Cartridge
HP Q5951A (HP 643A) Cyan Laser Toner Cartridge
Canon 2947B001 (CLI-221) Cyan Ink Cartridge
Canon 2948B001 (CLI-221) Magenta Ink Cartridge
Canon 2949B001 (CLI221) Yellow Ink Cartridge


Canon PGI220 & CLI221 Ink Cartridge
Canon PGI220 Pigment Black Cartridge w/Chip
HP74XL Cartridge for CB336WN (HP 74XL) Black
HP74XL Cartridge for CB338WN (HP 74XL) Tri-Color
Hewlett Packard HP920XL Ink Cartridge w/Chip
HP  Laser Toner Cartridge for Q5951A Cyan

HP  Laser Toner Cartridge for Q5953A Magenta
HP  Laser Toner Cartridge for Q5952A Yellow
Canon 240xl Black Cartridge w/Chip
Canon 240xxl Black Cartridge w/Chip
Canon 241xl Color Cartridge w/Chip
Epson Alternative for Epson ERC-32P Purple

HP CC641WN  High Yield Black Ink Cartridge
HP CC644WN  HY Tri-Color Ink Cartridge
HP CC640WN Black Ink Cartridge
HP CC643WN Tri-Color Ink Cartridge
Lexmark 12A1970 (#70) Black Ink Cartridge
Lexmark 12A1980 (#80) Color Ink Cartridge
Canon PGI-220 Black Ink Cartridge 10-Pack
HP61XL CH563WN High Yield Black Ink Cartridge
HP61XL CH564WN High Yield Tri-Color Ink Cartridge
Hewlett Packard CN045AN HP950XL Black
Hewlett Packard CN045AN HP950XL Cyan
Hewlett Packard CN045AN HP950XL Magenta
Hewlett Packard CN045AN HP950XL Yellow
Hewlett Packard C9396AN HP88XL Black
Hewlett Packard C9391AN HP88XL Cyan
Hewlett Packard C9392AN HP88XL Magenta
Hewlett Packard C9393AN HP88XL Yellow
Hewlett Packard C4906AN HP940XL Black
Hewlett Packard C4907AN HP940XL Cyan
Hewlett Packard C4908AN HP940XL Magenta
Hewlett Packard C4909AN HP940XL Yellow